Business law deals with the creation of new businesses and the issues that arise as they interact with the public, and other companies.


Business Formation

Have you ever wondered what type of business entity is best for you? Did you know that you can change from one form of business entity to another, usually without tax consequences?

We will help you choose the type of business entity that best suits your business purposes. Whether it be asset protection or tax benefits that may be available from certain elections. Once the choice is made, we will create the business entity, be it corporations (C or S, profit or non-profit), partnerships (general or limited), or LLC (limited liability company).This includes all the work necessary to organize, capitalize, and issue ownership certificates, along with appropriate tax elections, buy-sell agreements and other documents.


When you think of contracts, do your eyes glaze over? Are you overwhelmed by the legalese?

Bring your contracts to us – we will review existing ones for adequacy,as well as create new contracts to establish business relationships. We will also interpret them in anticipation of disputes. Not only do we read legalese, we understand it and the ramifications it has on you and your business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Is there a business opportunity out there that you would like to take advantage of? A business that you would like to buy or sell? Do you know whether you should buy assets rather than the ownership of the entity, or whether it is better to sell assets or the ownership of the entity?

Competent legal representation will allow you to make the best deal with the most protections available to you. We will regularly review proposed transactions for acquisitions or purchase of businesses, including tax analysis, and creation of contracts for acquisition. If someone ends up with a business that they wanted while the other party ends up with the money that they wanted, it becomes a positive experience for all parties involved.

Don’t rely on preprinted forms or templates that are not customized for your transaction. When you are going to spend money on a transaction, you should spend it on our legal representation.

Employment Contracts

When you are successful, you have to hire competent staff to support your business activities. When you are very successful, you will be hiring management personnel to provide expertise necessary for continued business growth. You should hire competent legal counsel to review contracts for the proposed employment of key personnel. We will write employment contracts, review existing contracts, and consult concerning termination of employment contracts.

If you are the employee, let them read it before you sign. It’s always a good choice to have experienced counsel read business documents and advise you as to their meaning. Here you will find experienced and friendly staff available to help you.

Business Dissolution

When a business is no longer viable, either because of management disputes or economic reasons. You will need help reviewing the proposed dissolution of the business, as well as preparing and filing the appropriate dissolution documents. This is an area where we can help you.

Walking away, while easy, is not the solution. We will go over everything necessary in order to ensure that everything is done in accordance to your needs.

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